We are a publisher born in Argentina that designs strategic games with ecological materials and good design.

Our mission is to make a fun world.

In 2021 we settle in Germany.

Board games provide moments of fun and help develop intellectual, emotional and social skills.

It has been shown that playing is a way to improve relationships, self-esteem and general intelligence, and especially emotional intelligence.



Our first game is Xberto, a strategy game that we developed more than 40 years ago in Argentina.

Today it is played in that country along with others such as the United States, Germany and Italy.



Chess – most popular board game

Chess is a strategy game in which two players move figures (chess pieces) on a game board (chessboard) one after the other. The purpose of the game is to checkmate your opponent. That is, attacking your king in such a way that he cannot protect himself or escape.

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Oliver Wendell Holmes: “People don’t stop playing because they get old, they get old because they stop playing.”


Good reasons to play board games

01 - Having a good time with friends or family

In this time of the pandemic, many people are restricted in their social life. Certain phenomena, such as the tendency to work from home and the consequence of not having to go to the office, have in turn allowed us to enjoy more free time with our closest circle of people. Board games give us a good opportunity to spend this time together and create unforgettable moments with our family and friends.

02 - Switch off the real world for a moment

While we play, we can forget our everyday worries for a moment. Why should we constantly exchange information about the pandemic, wars or other catastrophes in this world? We forget all that when we play. Of course, we can also do other things like exercise, read a book, go out to eat, etc. Playing is one of the most comfortable options and lets us immerse ourselves in another world.

03 - An aid to reduce the use of digital devices

Modern life tends to be more and more sedentary, with physical activity being reduced more and more, especially with the ability to work, get information, converse and communicate through computers and other devices. Although we have the ability to connect with people anywhere in the world, sometimes we isolate ourselves from our closest beings by focusing on our electronic devices. After work, why should we sit in front of the computer or check our messages when we can have quality time with our family without looking at a screen?

04 - Act strategically in a relaxed environment

We develop strategies for success in professional life and in many other activities. Setbacks in these areas can be very expensive. In the game we simulate a conflict and develop strategies, we use our creative ability to solve problems, we improvise in unexpected situations and learn to respect mutually defined rules by consensus. The sense of achievement when winning is the reward for making the right decisions, losing trains us to accept setbacks and strengthens our tolerance for frustration.

05 - To engage in an intercultural activity

The oldest known game was found in Egypt, Senet. Historical data aside, it is interesting that mankind has been gambling since time immemorial. There isn’t a human being who hasn’t lived through the experience of play, which is part of child development. This enables communication between very different people, bringing together friends and family members regardless of age, gender, nationality and even people who do not speak the same language.

06 - Simply because there is nothing else to do

Because it rains. Because the electricity is off. Because we have to wait a few hours at the airport for our flight to depart. The reasons for gambling can be very simple. It’s a fun activity, independent of modern technology, and needs nothing more than a board and its parts.


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